Professional Practice Supervision

What is professional practice supervision?

For those working in health and social care, clinical supervision is part of good practice. However, despite working with vulnerable groups around sensitive issues, there is not a tradition of professional practice supervision for qualitative researchers. The evidence is clear about the importance of being able to debrief after challenging interviews to reduce stress and avoid ‘burn out’ or vicarious traumatisation.  ResearchAbility makes the case for supervision in this working paper.

What does ResearchAbility do?

ResearchAbility is the first consultancy to provide professional practice supervision for qualitative researchers. As well as safeguarding staff, supervision supports professional development and enhances performance, resulting in better quality research.

ResearchAbility can provide supervision on an on-going basis or for a particular project or period. Providing external supervision has the benefit of being outside of performance management and affords the researcher a secure space in which to debrief, reflect and develop.